Loved you then
Love you still
Always have
Always will

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Some people only recognize it when it’s razor blades or rib bones
But for some it’s 20 shots
two large pizzas
maxed out credit cards
an entire series
or even pinching yourself raw
begging to just wake up

Coping with reality

Brown bedsheets and pizza
I should have taken the signal from the second roller coaster
laughing from all the pain
Sore and sorry
Brown bedsheets and pinned arms
I must resist my usual tossing
Don’t skip kickboxing
next week you’ll be bleeding from punching away the loneliness
It wouldn’t hurt so bad
If it hadn’t have felt so real
Don’t try to fool yourself darling
This weekend will be one hell of a test
Brown bedsheets and broken hearts

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Aha ha ha
So it’s not my phone
I’m just not cool enough to text
And I’m not as emotionless as I thought I was


i won’t forget you but i’m over you now2014


i won’t forget you but i’m over you now